Gauri shankar, mandala, tratak & sound vibration

Third Eye Meditation

Third Eye Meditation

Did you know that there is an energy centre in your body that can enhance your focus and activate your fullest potential? Maitreya will facilitate a variety of meditation practices to stimulate and bring awareness to the third eye centre: Ajna Chakra.

The third eye techniques use powerful meditative exercises meant to improve your concentration and to develop your willpower, which support manifestation. The process is also associated with intuition - the ability to perceive things beyond the five senses.


  • Spiritual growth

  • Intuition, focus, manifestation

***This meditation session is also available one to one or online. Duration: 2hr. Cost: 150USD

“Once your energy enters and falls on the third eye, it starts opening. It becomes a lotus, it blooms and suddenly your whole life-pattern is changed. You are no more the same; you can never be the same again and the world can never be the same. Everything is the same and yet nothing will ever be the same again. You have attained a single eye. Jesus says ‘Have the single eye and then you will know the light.”

- Osho